Will there be an opportunity to meet other racers before the race?

Absolutely! On Friday evening before race day, there will be a racer social where racers can meet and mingle with other racers and weather permitting, go for an optional quick spin around town with the group on their penny farthings (other bikes welcome). The social is a casual event. Please see details on main racer page. 


I am planning my trip - what are some of the recommended nearby hotels?


We are pleased to offer a group discount rate for $119 per night at the Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites, located just 3 miles from downtown Frederick (saving you $50/night). To take advantage of this special offer, simply make your reservation online directly: 

You may also contact the hotel directly at (301) 631-2000 and mention the group code: The National Clustered Spires High Wheel Race when making your reservations. 


The special group rate ($119/night) starts on Friday, July 12, 2024 and ends Sunday, July 14, 2024


*Last Day to Book to receive discount: Saturday, June 1, 2024


These are our other recommendations in order of closest proximity to downtown Frederick:

Below are nearby hotels that are more friendly for the budget, but we strongly recommend you read online reviews prior to booking:




Are helmets mandatory for the race?

Yes, helmets are mandatory for all racers. We want to make sure our racers are as protected as possible in the event of an accident. We appreciate your cooperation.


I have registered for the race but am just a novice rider, what should I know about participating?

There is no required skill level to register for this race , but safety IS our utmost priority so we ask everyone to ride responsibly. If you plan to participate, we ask our novice or slower racers to stay on the right hand side of the race course on race day, and to hold their line. This will allow for our other racers to safely pass on the left. All racers are required to read and sign a liability waiver before participating.  If you have not done so, please sign the waiver HERE. More  safety instructions will be provided at the pre-race meeting the morning of race day.


Do I have to attend the pre-race meeting?


Yes, the pre-race meeting is mandatory for all racers. It will take place at 10:00am on race day BEHIND Frederick's City Hall, please meet near the corner of Council Street and Record Street. During this meeting we will provide you with important logistics information, safety information, and a waiver to sign (if not yet signed online). You will also receive your racer registration packet. If you are a new racer, please bring a photo ID to check in. Racers not obtaining the information provided and/or signing the waiver WILL NOT be allowed to race. You can save time on race day by reviewing the waiver in advance online and acknowledging your receipt! 


What do I wear to the race?

Racers are encouraged to be creative with their outfits for the race! Spectators often cheer on their favorite racers based on the clothing they wear! Summer weather in Frederick can be very warm, so please check the latest weather forecast and keep that in mind when planning your outfit that it should be cool and comfortable. Also please remember this is a family event so we ask you to wear public appropriate clothing. 


Where can I park on race day?


We recommend that you park at one of the several parking garages in downtown Frederick near the race route. See our Local Info/Directions page. The closest parking garage to the event is the one located behind Brewer's Alley Restaurant, entrances on Church Street and Market Street. Alternatively, you may look for street parking around Baker Park, which is easy riding/walking distance to/from the race area and do not have parking meters. Please be aware that many parking spaces in downtown Frederick have parking meters. The parking spots along the race course will not be available for parking - there will be "no parking" signs posted and any cars remaining on the race course will be towed.

Please do not park in any spaces along the race course or within the race course area near City Hall. There will be a lawn party at City Hall with vendors and other activities and all parking spaces will be reserved for supporting staff. Please note that the streets will close at 11am in preparation for the race and will be closed until 4pm.


How will I know what Qualifying Heat I will be in?

A few days before the race, the race roster showing qualifying heat assignments will be posted to the registered racer page. The qualifying heats will be 20 minutes long.


How many racers make it to the Championship Race and how will I know if I make it in?


The 2 qualifying heats will be used to reduce the field of racers by approximately one half.  We will aim to take about the top 20 racers to the final championship race (all pending results of the heats). The final race will be 30 minutes long.


Will water be provided to racers?

Yes, there will be a water station provided along the race course on Record Street in case you do not have a water bottle cage on your bicycle or run out of water during the race. You will not have to dismount your bike, there will be volunteers to hand you a cup of water as you ride by.


Will the race be postponed in event of inclement weather?

The race will continue in the event of rain, but in the event of extreme weather events or severe weather warnings, it may be necessary to modify the event format or cancel the event.




Can a family member or friend come to the post-race event?

Yes, there will be an opportunity to purchase ONE extra guest ticket for an accompanying family member or friend (but only available for limited number of guests due to room capacity). All racers get a post-race event ticket with registration, but additional tickets for guests must be purchased in advance before the day of the event if we have not reached our quota of guests. Guests without a wrist band will NOT be able to participate in the post-race event. Post-race event guests will be provided dinner which will consist of salad, main pasta dish and dessert, with all you can drink house beer and/or soft drinks.  Limited quantities of guest tickets are available, and they will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


Where can I store my high wheel during the post-race event? 

There will be an area outside the post-race event location where you can secure your high wheel bikes. We cannot guarantee safety and security of unattended bikes so we recommend you secure them with a lock if possible. The event will be located at Brewer's Alley Restaurant & Bar - which is right at the race start/finish line so transportation will be easy!



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