High Wheel Race Details

This will be a unique racing event set to take the streets of historic downtown Frederick, Maryland on Saturday, July 13, 2024. Racers will be riding antique or modern high wheel bicycles in a criterium (multi-lap) race of along a 0.4 mile route through historic downtown Frederick, MD. 


The field of racers will be split into two 2 qualifying heats (20 minutes each). The top 20 to 25 racers who complete the most laps during their qualifying heat will move onto the final championship race. The championship race (30 minutes) will determine the 2024 National Clustered Spires High Wheel Race champion.  Event starts at Noon. 





Intermission Events

*All intermission events take place on Market Street only

Low Wheel Race:

Watch participants compete in a fun challenge to race low wheel (runt) bicycles along Market Street. 


Parade - "The Evolution of Bicycles"

Celebrate the history of bicycles by watching a parade of select antique bicycles. You will hear the history behind the evolution of bicycles from the Draisine, the precursor to the bicycle, to the more modern bicycles we know today.


Slow Race

Watch high wheel racers slow it down by competing in the slow race, where the objective is to be the slowest racer to cross the finish line. Riders cannot stand still; they must keep moving to remain in the race. This race requires riders to be highly skilled to maintain their balance at a very slow speed. 

Race Course Map

The start/finish line will be located in front of Brewer's Alley Restaurant & Bar (124 N. Market St). The race course will be a 0.4 mile loop in the heart of historic downtown Frederick.

For the event, parking will not be allowed within the race course area. Please use one of the other streets for parking or one of the parking decks (see P markings on map above). 


Roads surrounding the race course (in red below) will be closed during the event.

Click for full size map
Click for full size map