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Nick Ackermann, Middletown MD

2006 RBR Excelsior


3 CSHWR's before this one, plus a couple of hundred miles on places like the Canal. Background of unicycling (short, tall, and large wheel) and extensive bicycle touring in 24 states on safety bicycles. Background of unicycling (short, tall, and large wheel) and extensive bicycle touring in 24 states on safety bicycles.


Marcus Aurelius Autrey, esq., Potemkin village GA

1886 Webley-Vickers


 My career racing high wheel bicycles has been one of adventure and unmitigated glory, marred only by the tendency of other riders to finish ahead of me.  My speed is such that I occasionally travel backwards in time, and am actually younger now than I was at last year's race. In addition to my exploits upon the wheel, I intend to bring recognition to my hometown through exploration.   After the race I shall embark upon a year-long expedition in search of the lost continent of Pangea.  I thank you for your attention.


Nyle Blanck, Orange CT

1886 Columbia Expert


I have been riding my 50" Eagle high wheel bicycle for at least 10 years but it was way too small for me. I recently upgraded to a 56" Columbia and I love it. It feels much higher but also much faster. I ride with my brother Avery, who also is racing on a Columbia. We both are relatively new to the world of high wheel bicycles but we have fit many miles into those few years.


Brian Caron, Hagerstown MD

1882 Columbia Expert


I've been riding highwheelers since purchasing my 1882 Columbia in Jan 2009.   I've competed in the CSHWR since it's inception, taking the win two years in a row 2013/2014.  I've tried to remain competitive even with more young and well seasoned riders entering the race.  I pride myself in riding an authentic antique bicycle and wearing period style clothing for the full effect  (although 15 minutes into the race each year I question my judgement in doing so)  ;)


Eric Cameron, Frederick MD

53" Rocky Mountain High Wheel


It was a Cinderella Story. I went from watching the race from a window in Brewer's Alley in 2014 to leading the pack in 2015. Some attribute the win to my running regiment while I believe it was simply beginners luck. All I know is I have enjoyed every minute of it along the way and have truly enjoyed the the friendships and camaraderie that has stemmed from participating in this great race. Looking forward to another great event!


Bruce Gerson, Frederick MD

2004 Rideable Replica 48" Standard


I started riding my High Wheel just a few months ago. This is my first race. I was hooked the moment my wife and I saw our first High Wheel race 3 years ago in Frederick.


Jonathan Horton, Boonsboro MD

Rideable Replica


Watched the race from the sidelines for years. Finally convinced thw wife to allow me to purchase my 10th bike. A highwheel. Have been riding it for the last several months.


Keith Hyndman, Phoenixville, PA

2016 RBR Excelsior Standard 56"

  Well, I met a fella in the local brewery who happened to be a champion handle bar mustache contestant.  At that time I had been laid off, and I was, well never laid off before, so I became a bit the sense that I wanted to become a "creative.” So after a few pints with this fella, I dreamed up the idea of getting a penny farthing, and me and him would ride around decked out with the pub's logo......and at the very least, get free beer. So a few weeks past, and i kept thinking about it, one side of me, kept saying "that's stupid" the other side said "you never know till you try". So after a internet search I found the reasonably priced 48 inch "bone shaker" from RBR. A legend was born.  I started riding around town and it was a big hit.  I soon felt like I had out grew the 48" wheel, so I called up RBR and asked for the biggest one that I could ride. So the 56" Excelsior arrived in the spring of 2016. I’ve been riding since September 2015, I've been a several local parades and love to teach people how to ride it. When I'm around town with the penny I get lots of smiles, and strike up many conversations. So far no sponsors, and that's fine I love riding it, getting many smiles.

Matt Tester, Redhill, Surrey, England


  Absolute beginner, bought in March this year. 4th race, London Nocturne, Eastbourne and Wallingford near Oxford. Love it but makes your legs ache and yes it's scary on the bends.

Dan Turner, PA

2014 Rideable Replica Boneshaker


My second year in the race!  Began riding these things 2 years ago and can't get enough.  Have become a member of the PA wheelmen and am looking to buy a second penny soon, hopefully an antique so I can do my wheelmen century!


Andrew Sanderson, Pennsylvania

1886 New Mail Lite Roadster

  I have been riding a high wheel for about 10 years.  I was introduced to the high wheel through my father, who is an avid collector. Up till recently I have mostly ridden in parades or short rides around town.  I have ridden several centuries on the high wheel and done some touring in Canada, Gremany, and the US. This will be my third high wheel race.  My first was in June at the London nocturne followed the next day by a race in Eastbourne. It's always nice to be able to get out for a ride with the group!

Phil Saunders, London UK

Maesicek 54 inch


I have ridden a high wheel bicycle in many places around the world,  Japan, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Uganda, Australia, America and many European Countries. Am a lawyer for the Mayor of London and was the instigator of the London Nocturne which is a highly successful evening criterium race. It is entered on St Paul's Cathedral in the middle of London.


Brian Weber, Glengary, WV

 Josef Mesicek 56"


Owner of Eastern Panhandle Bicycle Company in Martinsburg, WV. I have acquired a few High Wheels over the years and enjoy just getting out and seeing the sights sitting up that high. I now get to ride with my 6 year old daughter, who rides a custom Fizzleburg Flyer 24" High Wheel in bright pink. It's an amazing Daddy Daughter experience to go out for a ride with her.


Martin Baechler, Middletown MD

2016 Excelsior Replica



I watched the race for the first time last year and in a microsecond decided I had to do it


Allen Beland, Arlington VA

1979 Boneshaker 48"


I began riding the high wheeler back in the early 90s.  It was on display at the bike shop, where I was a mechanic, in Richmond VA.  My coworker dared me to take it out of the window and to give it a spin in the parking lot.  I hopped right on and took off.  There was no steep learning curve for me.  The owner of the shop happened to pull up in the parking lot and saw me spinning around.  He mentioned to me that no one has ever ridden that bike since he bought it for display back in the early 80s.  He also suggested that I ride it whenever I wanted, so it quickly became my commuter bike.  the bike quickly became my barhopping bike and I never locked it up, because who could ride off with it? I have ridden that bike in several parades, not necessarily by permission.  I have ridden the entire C&O Canal on the bike.  I have ridden that bike on camping trips, pulling a bob trailer behind. I ordered a second high wheeler from and spoke with the owner, Greg about the new bike and the old bike.  turns out, it was Greg's father that built my first high wheeler at his Ohio shop. I will be wearing my "Cutters" uniform on race day since Breaking Away might be my favorite movie ever.


Avery Blanck, Orange CT

1885 Columbia Expert


 I began my high wheel experience on an Eagle and then changed to my Columbia Ordinary this year.  I recently rode  over 20 miles in the 150-Year Cycle-Bration in New Haven , CT. I enjoy riding my high wheeler around my neighborhood.


Haig Colter, Bethesda MD

52" Victory


Haig Colter is recreational cyclist from the Washington, DC area. After mountain biking, cyclocross racing, road biking, triathlon and a stint unicycling, penny farthings were the next logical pursuit. Haig currently rides a 52" Victory which is a faithful replica of a Victor from the 1880s. Hs first ride on the Victory back in 2008 was a 100 mile ride in Delaware with the Wheelmen - an organization dedicated to keeping alive the heritage of American cycling, promoting the restoration and riding of early cycles.

The National Clustered Highwheel Race is a favorite of Haig's and he has participated in the event since its creation.


Lee Cramp

 51"  1891 Columbia Light Roadster


Member of the Wheelmen since 1969. Have owned my bike since 1971, I was registered for the first race but was starting down the road of Cancer treatments (still surviving). So I got my friend Ken Matthews to ride for me,  He liked it so much he road three more times!  So while this will be the first race my bike and I have ridden together, my Ordinary has been in the race 3 times already! Thanks again to the Rhodes family for having the forsight to come up with this very unique race and to have continued it with the support of Frederick and the biking community. It may prove to be an inspiration to other races around the world as High Wheel riding is actually increasing a bit. I am also riding to support Prostate Cancer Research and Prevention.  It really can kill. This is the first public ride for me with my High Wheel since 2011.


Hellen Frank, Maryland

The Wheelman 36" Coker


I have limited experience with high wheel bicycles. I had always wanted a penny farthing. On Christmas Eve of 2014, my husband drove a couple hours to meet up with someone from Craigslist who was selling a high wheel bike. This was my first penny farthing, my favorite bike in my collection. I've named her "Penny", and she is a wonderful addition to my family. I enjoy riding her around my neighborhood. I enjoy challenging myself and riding whatever funky I can with two or more wheels; I haven't mastered the unicycle yet. All in all, I love my penny farthing.

James Hodges, Purcellville VA

Rideable Bicycle Replica (RBR)


Last year the Frederick race was my first high wheel race ever.  I entered, then purchased a bike, and trained for a month.   I enjoy riding the penny farthing on the W&OD trail in N VA on the Purcellville/Leesburg  section and on the C&O towpath along the Potomac River.


Sheryl Kennedy, Hagerstown MD

Summerfield 2010

  I have been riding high wheels since the inception of the Frederick Cluster Spires High Wheel Race.  I started riding about a month before the first race, as I promised Eric I would race if he got it organized. I have been riding ever since.  I captured first female the first three years but was unable to hold on to my title last year, I am back this year to try and regain my title.  I had a back injury that has made training difficult but am hoping my varied training routine will still prove to be competitive.

Eric Knight, Berwyn PA

1884 Columbia Expert 


I have been riding since I was about 12 and completed a century in 2008. I have ridden in about a dozen different states. Currently riding the bike my grandfather acquired in the 1930s and rode for over 60 years before passing it on to me.


Paul Norris, Redington Beach FL

Rideable Bicycle Replica  -  New replica Boneshaker2016

  Riding a highwheel for about 6 months, logging about 500 miles.  Fell in love with riding a highwheel and am planning on some long distance riding in and around Florida.

Rob Stull, Thomas WV

Rhoten Flyer


I've been riding Penny Farthings since 2012. I have participated in three Clustered Spires races--some have been more graceful than others. This year, I'm hoping for another fun, exciting event-- and to not end up on YouTube.


Wally Thomas, Monroe CT

2014 Worksman Cycles - RBR, 48" Boneshaker


I purchased my 48" high wheel as a 60th birthday present to myself. As a person who usually rides a road bike, I quickly found out that this wasn't really a good choice for the hilly area where we live, so I tend to ride it more near the beaches of the Outer Banks than at home! This year is the 150th anniversary of bicycling in America. Back in 1866, Pierre Lallement, a French man living in Ansonia Connecticut invented a system of pedals and crank arms attached to the front wheel axle of a two wheeled mechanism, for which he applied for and received an American patent. This made it the first bicycle patent in the world! He would ride his new invention around the greens in Ansonia, Derby, and New Haven, Connecticut to demonstrate it. In honor of this, the jersey I'll be wearing today is based on the Connecticut State flag.


Steve Weddles, Greencastle PA

2016 Weddler


Like a lot of riders, the High Wheeler found me somewhere along the path of a lifelong pursuit of fun on bicycles, including lots of BMX, (both racing and freestyle contests), mountain biking, and road cycling, as well as a bit of unicycling and other assorted silliness. My first experience on a Penny Farthing was three days before the first Clustered Spires race, on a borrowed RBR that I had to assemble from various bits in Eric's garage. He was kind enough to loan me the bike for two days to practice on, before the race, and from there I was hooked. There's a quality to riding a high wheel bike that makes you feel like a little kid... I could just endlessly ride in circles in a parking lot and be perfectly happy.  I immediately began building my own bikes in my humble shop (more recently monikered as the "Skunkworks") deep in the hills of Pennsylvania. I've competed in the Clustered Spires race each year since the initial race on bikes of my own design and construction.